Hacking the Main-Frame

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Dear Renegade,


Are you being pushed down from all angles or made to change your position and don't know how to stop it until it's too late?


Look into an angled mirror, a puddle, or a camera lens and you will see yourself from different perspectives.


Chances are, you will see yourself more as the world sees you... in infinite ways that change based on the frame of observation.


Before you begin to influence other people's perception of you, you must first understand how to command your internal Frame.


Frame takes on many forms. The way we approach Frame in myOS (my Operating System) is to understand the internal application.


People are too quick to try and use frames on others without the ability to control them within themselves first. That's why we focus here.


In other material down the road, we will focus on using them externally. But, it does almost no good if you can't wield them yourself on the inside. You become more vulnerable to others. That's why we start here.


The primary effect of inner Frame control is for us to better control our behavior, our attitudes, stay primed to move forward and able to affect others..


The inner Frame is the inner "You" ... the Main-Frame.


And, fellow Renegade, it is time to hack it.


If you desire to influence anyone and live the life you want to live, it is imperative that you first learn the foundational skill of inner Frame.


If you want to achieve respect, authority, and the power to influence others, you must first maintain that respect, authority, and power within YOURSELF in the Main-Frame.


Hacking the Main-Frame is all about going internal and knowing how to control your inner Frame in various circumstances.


Without it, you might as well call yourself "Spudnick" and run around like a chicken with its head cut off.


Here is what's included in Hacking the Main-Frame...

myOS Week 2: Frame

Full Lesson

(1 hour)


- What are frames and why are they so foundational to persuasion?


- What are the most common frames?


- How can we leverage the most powerful frame while avoiding the weakest frames?


- What are "frame wars" and how can you identify them when they occur?


- Why is pre-framing so effective and what are some ways of utilizing it to our advantage?


- What is the best model for pre-framing and why are the biggest movie producers milking this model like a cash cow?


- How do you self-correct when you notice you're in a weak frame?


Live Workshop Recording 

(1 hour)


Watch a recording of our Live Workshop from Week 2: Frame with myOS Founder's Edition participants.




(Simulated Reality Imprinting©) Session

(35 mins)


Imprint a deep understanding of Frame so that you can incorporate the skill seamlessly in your daily life.


Affirmations w/ Music

(16 mins)

Affirmations w/o Music

(1 hour)


Listen to affirmations of the lesson on Frame throughout your day. Listen to it in the background or sit down and take it all in at once.



Live Workshop 

Games that Frames Play

Saturday, 21 August 2021

3pm CT

Recording available in app after the workshop.


- How to take control of your own thinking.


- The way frames fight at the unconscious level and what to do about it.


- Some things you can do to stop being needy.




Quest: Hacking the Main-Frame


Hack into the Main-Frame within your mind and control the code of your mental operating system. This experience is like becoming Neo from The Matrix and unlocking the code of reality.



Hacking the






The real advantages to this program...


- The ability to take control of your own frame so nobody can knock you off of it.


- How to know when your frame is being attacked so you can stop it.


- How to analyze the very best frames and use them.


- A different way of looking at frames that uncovers their real potential in your life.


- What makes frames unconscious and why this training will forever change your relationship to the way they work and put you in a position of power.


- A place where you can get all of your questions answered on the internal use of your frames.


- Material that you can come back to over and over again to get a deeper understanding of how frames are working within you.


- Deep encoding session that helps make this automatic for you.


- Affirmations that will enable you to keep integrating all of this and help you make it automatic.





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